Monday, September 17

The Bridemaid Dresses are In!

Whoohooo. I love them...well except the minor problem...that problem being that they look really big. However, I just realized that all 6 dresses are stuffed in a box smaller than I would put a pair of pants in so I'm figuring with a bit of steaming at home they will take shape, aka get smaller. Let hope since this was such a huge decision. Let me recap.

First choosing the color. I always wanted a deep color for my wedding and figured since we decided on a fall date it would be perfect. Well that was until I let me Grandma in on our color palette. She thinks its too dark and borderline morbid to have such a dark color on such a happy day. But I failed to mention that Grandma doesn't subscribe to the million wedding mags and blogs that I do which all say it is OK to be morbid as long as its in good taste.

Well good taste or not I decided on a deep red, Merlot, wine, Cabernet, whatever they want to call it. In the process of wedding planning I decided on a wedding web page, more later on why and how we went about that, but for this conversation's purpose I chose the site to communicate with my bridesmaids. I listed several options for them to choose from and got a pretty clear #1, #2, & # 3 choice.

First they decided on dresses that would allow them to all match...well that decision lasted until we went shopping and one of my bridesmaids found a two piece set. I thought how ingenious a 2 pieces set is a great idea with the different body shapes of the gals. Problem solved...let's wrap this bad boy of a decision up....Well not so fast...when I went to inquire about placing an order they told me the styles were already out of season....therefore no longer available...Ah Caramba!

So we were back to matching...but now which dress.... That is when I became a bridezilla and decided on this dress.

Out of the original dresses to choose from it held a solid #2 choice and well it was still in style and I was able to find it on for a reasonable price. So the girls were off to be measured and I was getting ready for their order. Well when the measurements came in, the provided size chart from the manufacturer posed a little bit of a problem.

Why did it say a bridesmaid who normally wears an 6/8 size in real clothes should wear a 12 in this dress? Based on the charts and her measurements it was a solid 12. But why??? So the stressing began and lasted for a solid week before I finally made the executive decision to order the 12 as per the size chart and began to fear the worst that the dress would be a small sized tent on my bridesmaid.

"You can always take away, you can't add" was mentioned to me several times when I sought advice so slowly I began to fear less.

However here we are today, the dresses made it in early and appear to be what I feared.... althought not a tent, still a little larger. However, I love the morbid as it is and I'm glad one thing is off the list, even though I'm adding "finding a seamstress" to the list....

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