Sunday, September 23

Day of Progress

After a couple of days rest from Wedding Planning I had a good day worth of progress.

Bridesmaids Newsletter

I decided early on that I wanted to do a newsletter for the girls since most of the time I'll share my process of decision making on a certain aspect of the wedding but never share the actual decision. Also my bridesmaids come from all areas of my life and I wanted them to get to know each other a bit and also wanted to let them know how much I appreciate them being at my wedding.

With time flying by so fast I really didn't get motivated on the newsletters till last month. I figure I will send one 90 days, 60 days and then 30 days before the wedding. I figure the closer to the day of the wedding the more final decision are made and I can share more news.

Here are a couple of newsletters that provided inspiration from Wedding Bee.

Here is the first newsletter that was sent last month. Newsletter #2 will go out tomorrow

Thank you cards

I have been blessed with very loving and generous friends and have found myself behind in thanking them. So this weekend I tried to get thank you notes out.

To NY with Love

I am sending a package to my sister in NYC with her bridesmaid dresses, her shoes, and thank you notes she is going to hand out for me.

Cake Topper

One of my favorite projects is trying to replicate a cake topper I found online. I fell in love with Patch NYC cake toppers but unfortunately time did not allow for me to order from them. That and the hefty price tag.

Are they not the cutest ever?

So I found a blog that gave directions on how to replicate these lovely toppers and have started to work on my project. First up was mini-Him. He took about three nights while watching TV to complete. He doesn't have a face quite yet but I was working on that today. As well as mini-her.


Another big work in progress are my marble magnets that will serve as a small token of our appreciation to our guests. I found a blog on and loved the idea of marble magnets. Since we are donating to the Fisher House Foundations I thought it would be a good idea to provide red, white and blue marbles as well as one with our initial. So far blue marbles are done. Only 400 hundred others to go.

Now on to ironing and grocery shopping for the week.

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