Wednesday, September 19

Hallelujah! The invites have landed!

Well not so much landed but scanned by a UPS man and delivered to my office.

I must say after all the waiting I really wasn't too excited to open it. Sure I've been stalking first a tracking number then a UPS van but I think I wasn't that excited because I'm way too picky and knew I would instantly analyze everything.

And true to my nature I did..... First a pic of 10 months of searching finally done.

In 6 boxes hold 150 invitations...ready and waiting to be labeled and mailed.

Now on to me being anal. So where should I begin. Upon getting engaged I received a catalog from Jean M and thought my decision was made. I checked prices and it was less than I budgeted and all was good in the world.

Then I stumbled upon a store by the name of Paper Source and feel in love with letterpress. Sure it was well beyond my budget but I figured I had plenty of time to search for a lower priced letterpress invite company.

Well then one fine evening while shopping with my mom at her local Walmart I stumbled upon some invites, DIY. They were incredible cheap and I though if I had them printed at a local shop I would save hundreds then what I budgeted to spend. Wooohoo search over.

Not so, I then found White Aisle and loved their work, then Pearl and Marmalade, how could I not.

white aisle

Pearl & Marmalade

White aisle was way over my then on to P&M. They actually will design your invites, give the files to you and then you can print them at a local Kinko's, Staples...wherever you desire. I was so excited. I would save on their printing charges but still have a custom design. Well that was until I started researching double envelopes. I have to have double envelopes and couldn't settle. Well not only will double envelope set you back financially...way back, but they also are hard to come by.

So I found myself back to step one....I found Teresa Lang Designs through theknot and fell in love with her work. She didn't do letterpress, my dream, or thermography, raised printing but I was okay with it. I contacted her and she was upfront about being slammed but would try to help me. I was happy again.

Teresa said to give her a couple of weeks so she could figure out whether she could help me or not and I was fine waiting and so I waited and then emailed her but got no reply. Time was ticking away so I had to go against my will and face the fact that I had to have something and something soon so I couldn't wait any longer.

So after going through 10 months of invitation dreams I went back to Jean M, where it all started. I googled them and read some good reviews and they promised quick service. So 10 days ago I placed an order and today I'm done with the longest decision I had to make for the wedding.

I won't reveal the invites till I send them out but I love the reception card and rsvp card. They are made of shimmery paper and look great. My invite however is made of a deep red card stock but the paper is not shimmery. So to me its a tad bland, definitely not what I wanted after all this time. So after a trip to Joann's I'm trying to figure out a way to jazz it up.

Wish me luck!

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