Tuesday, September 18

Moo-ve on over America

Another delightful day started with my new hobby of "tracking number" stalking. So far all looks good for the arrival of my invites tomorrow and also the 24lbs of votives for the reception.

But on to a wonderful surprise I received today. I ordered small cards that will be included with our invitations from Moo.com and was pleasantly surprised to find them at my desk today as part of this mornings mail run.

Why am I surprised?

Well because not only did I order these bad boys a week ago but they came all the way from ENGLAND...that's right our most devoted Alli to the war apparently can turnover product and ship it to America faster than the invitations I ordered 10 days ago. Granted the invites are a bit more complicated and a lot more actual product but jolly O' England has become my favorite new vendor.

Oh and the cards are a lot smaller than I wanted but what was I thinking, they are European after all and if you know Europe you know everything is smaller there. However, I still love them and can't wait for my good ol' American invites to arrive so I can start the invitation festival. Who knew this wedding would become such a worldly event.

Check out the packaging...it even says Royal...

And for a shot of the actual cards...