Monday, September 24

Que Dices?

Well, today turned out to be a not so good wedding day. First no word on my dress, I'll have to go in to details later. Second and more importantly, I stopped by my friendly postal service office today to have our invites weighted for stamps. And he gave me the grave news of how much it would be to mail our invites. The stunning news was that it is going to be 0.97 cents per envelope.

That's not bad you are probably saying....sure technically it isn't... But mutiply that by 150 invitations and that number kinda hurts. But wait...add to that an extra stamp for the rsvp card that goes with the invite. Right, so we're looking at $1.50 x 150 invitations.

That of coarse doesn't take into account the $4ish price tag each invite cost to begin with. So to send my immediate family invitations to my wedding will set up back $50. Hmmm, and that doesn't include our 12 person bridal party that also will receive invites.

However that does make me even more indecisive about what stamp to choose for the envelope since now I'll have to put multiple stamps on an envelope.

A couple of finalists...

Pretty don't you think however I think it would fit perfect for a spring wedding..

And below says Tiffanys, you know that's what made it a finalist. : )

Ahhh, when's the wedding again? Sixty one days away....That's right, today is the two month mark. So at least I have that to look forward too.

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