Sunday, September 16

UT drops out of Top 25 poll

That sums up the weekend. After a disastrous Saturday, the Titans and the Dolphins didn't help get me over my hangover with their losses on Sunday.

Moving on...Since getting engaged many decisions have been made. So I'm going to recap through some of them without the pain of the decision making process that each of them has taken.

The Wedding Date
This was probably the first and only simple decision we've made in the wedding process. Living in the south there aren't many months when it's not sweltering hot. So that eliminated about 7 months out of the year. I always wanted to have a fall down to about 3 and finally I wanted to be able to celebrate with our guests past the actual wedding day. So we landed with Thanksgiving Day weekend. All being said, we knew this would either be great for some guest to attend, those with family here in town, our own families and those wanting to escape their families but we knew it would be a tough call for others. But after much discussion we decided on it...and 13 months later the decision is still strong.

Things to look forward to this week.
-The bridesmaid dresses are to arrive.
-Invitations on their way.

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