Thursday, September 27


So one of the good things about getting married is all the food and cake tastings. Granted you can't take too much of an advantage or neither of you will fit into any outfit on the big day but still I would give it a plus.

The cake tastings went well. We thankfully made that decisions months ago and so we went through sugar highs back then. Having cake in our fridge for over a week was brutal.

However the other day we did get to enjoy the food for the reception tasting. It was scheduled for 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Not the wisest of times since one can't go with out having lunch yet still has to make room for a meal.

Well I won't give the whole menu away just yet but it was really good. I was actually surprised. The caterers were super nice and had lots of options, too many for my belly to handle and that is a surprise. We are using Chef's Market out of Goodletsville and it was well worth the drive.

Here is a pic of our main entree.

We decided on a dual entree to make things simple. That is probably the first time and last time I'll say that and it be about the wedding.

I wasn't crazy about having to send out rsvp cards with "check for chicken, beef or fish", keep track of the count or have place cards to indicate preference. Yeah I'm that anal. And with a reception of 200 it wasn't feasible to have people order on the spot. So dual entree for anyone. SO you don't like chicken...well there is steak, oh you don't like steak...we have chicken...You're a vegetarian...hmmm, I think those are beans in the middle. ; )

I end with a story about a wedding where I had chosen beef and my love checked chicken on our RSVP card. Well come wedding day our server gave us the wrong dishes. I quickly noticed the mistake and turned to my love so that we could make the switch and correct the obvious mistake. Well he was already chomping away at my chosen steak by the time I turned around. Since we were at a table with others besides myself I tried to remain calm and put aside my ghetto personality. So I proceeded to choke down the chicken while my love kept commenting on apparently the best steak he's had in years. Arrrrr!

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