Monday, October 15

Days are going going...almost gone

The days are flying by now.

Happy to report that we have received quite a bit of RSVP cards already. So proud of our friends and family. However we have quite a few still out wondering the world, where I'm not sure but still wondering.

Update on to do's

Magnets are still coming along. Spent Friday night packaging about 80 into the boxes now I need another 120 to go. Fun times.

Veil- My veil made it. Its super long and super plain. LOVE it. Here I am with it on. I love how sheer it is. I however do not like how trapped it makes me feel, hence the picture.

Shoes- My second pair of shoes arrived and they are FAB-U-LOUS. Can't wait for the big day.

Garter-After much waiting I finally got my garter from Gartermaker. She is super sweet and I love my garter. Its classically plain. I love it. I'll post a pic later.

Whew...tomorrow is my second dress fitting. Super excited even though I feel like a cow at the moment but no worries this time. Except for the hem. Hope it all went well.

Later this week I'm getting my hair trial done and also meeting with the florist. I'll have to post some pics of what my flowers will look like as well as the look for my hair...

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