Friday, October 5

How I love thee

Well, I am back from the fitting and all I can say is that it was great success. The dress fit perfectly...All that is being done to the dress is the hem. I had a lot of doubts about my dress after I bought it 9 months ago and now see tons of dresses that I love, but I couldn't be happier with my dress and the way it fits.

However, I can't throw in the towel to working out because dear does my back look awful..Sure it fits in the dress but I can still afford to loose some weight and most importantly work my back muscles.

So why do I love thee and who is thee.

First, my love. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be going down this road. But right now, I love his company and his management class which allowed him to travel to Japan. In Japan, he found what many D.I.Y. girl dreams of....a on the link and you will see why. They are made in Japan and so I begged my love to get me one.

Bingo! He called earlier with a successful shopping story but a bit of a frightening customs story. So I am a bit worried about him trying to get in to the US but surely it can't come this far and be held up in Houston customs, right?!?!

On to my other thee. That would be Wedding Bee. Since I started visiting this site I have gotten endless inspirations. Sure there are many crafty projects on there that I dare not try, but for the most part it is such great things to see and only motivates me to do more. Point in case...below...

Miss Gummi Bear, a blogger, on Wedding Bee featured a blog on these Palmier cookies and the idea of having them available at the church after the ceremony. Such that our wedding has a relatively long time gap I thought it would be nice.

But what sealed the deal was that on the back of cookies, there are directions from the church to the receptions site. No need to add to the program. I'm sold. Another D.I.Y. project in the making. LOVE IT!

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