Wednesday, October 3

I heart Carrie

I woke up this morning a little slower than usual. Sure its been the first night since I slept a solid 6 hours since Joey left and therefore should be a bit more excited but it is month end after all and just the talk of debits/credits hurts......however that all changed when I saw this.

OMGosh not only are they back but Carrie is getting married. Had I seen this dress on any other person I would say a big "DEAR NO" however its so Carrie. I love it. I wish I could see it in person and take a moment with it. LOVE LOVE IT...

That brings me to tomorrow...first dress fitting and my stomach is a ball of nerves. So much that I wasn't too stressed about closing out the first month on my own at work but am stressing big time about tomorrow. Yes, my priorities are starting to freak me out as well.

Which leads me to share my "after" party dress. What's that? Well long ago when I started planning a wedding I learned of a southern tradition of bridal portraits. Basically a photo session taken of the bride only prior to the wedding. This allows for pictures of the bride-to-be to be displayed at the wedding.

I was up for the tradition, thought it was a neat idea...well... then I began to think about it. First, I would have to get my makeup, hair and bouquet done an extra time besides the wedding day. Arr, the cost. But then I thought this may be good, I could work out any of the kinks. So decided what a great plus.

Well then came the issue of wearing the dress prior to the wedding. I don't know if its bad luck or not, but I started to think about the ordeal it would be to try to make sure the dress wouldn't get dirty. And if it did, the ordeal of having to find someone to clean it and then praying that it would be OK.

That issue alone made me stop my bridal portrait decision. I can't imagine feeling comfortable at all that day if I was worried about dirt. So I chucked the idea. However I still want pics of me in my dress and don't want to do it on our hectic wedding day. So I'm having pictures taken a couple day after the wedding. So to preserve the dress, I will change from my wedding gown into this dress late in the evening of the wedding.

I first saw it on one of my favorite blogs. Faye and Greer and then on WeddingBee. I knew it must be a sign and after some hard working trying to get it, its arrived and I love it. This picture makes it look white but in person its a beautiful off white. Now I just have to look for shoes.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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