Wednesday, October 10

It doesn't get easier...

Tons of stuff to do tonight so this will be quick.

Why the title...well, after assembling all 500 marbles I figured I was in the home stretch with the "favors" . Not so much. Let me go back just a bit. When I first started thinking about what favors I wanted, I found these....and fell in love.

Aren't they just the best. Well then I got the quote. $38 for 4 of them. Well with a wedding at around 200 people.....yeah dothe math....yup.... that meant way too much money. I figured for that kind of money I want something that would last more than 1 minute.

I then started thinking about donating money to a good cause. We feel so fortunate that so many of our family and friends will be with us we wanted to share some love to others. So what charity?? The March of Dimes is big in our lives, both of our employers donate both time and money to this cause. So we felt perhaps something less visible. Breast cancer charities are big, why not them? Well our jobs also supports many different breast cancer groups so we felt they were well represented.

Then I thought about the Fisher House Foundation. Such a great organization and my family learned first hand about them and I really think they were monumental in our lives for a while during my dad's accident. I couldn't think of a greater cause. Unfortunately the war is still going on and our troops are still coming home injured so there isn't a better time to give.

So after the charity was chosen I decided to do marble magnets because a) I love them and the blog I found them on b) and more importantly I wanted to give everyone a reminder of our cause and hope people remember our troops and their families. Selfish of me I know but whatever it takes..they need our prayers until they all come home.

So back to the title....I was ready to start packing away the marbles when I realized that I forgot about our note letting our guest know about our charity. Darn it. So after a quick Publisher brainstorm I came up with a note. has to fit in the small boxes and there are 200 boxes. AHHH, so I am printing and cutting 200 notes to fit in the small boxes. Fun fun...

On to other events for today....happier events....I got my "after" party shoes. I previously posted about the dress. I found the shoes...aren't they lovely?!?!

Can't wait to get them.

Oh and then I got an email from tinyprints about below cards. Tinyprints sell all sorts of cards but have Christmas cards for newlyweds. Are these not the cutest. Now how do I tell Joey they are a must..

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