Sunday, October 7

I've lost my marbles!!

Oh wait, I found them. All 500 hundred of them below. That's right girls and boys, I'm done with the marble magnets. It has been a LONG D.I.Y. including several trips to Michael's, Joann's and Hobby Lobby. A couple of test magnets to say the least and finally they are done.

Now the fun only continues when I have to put above 500 marble magnets in below 125 boxes. Yipee. However, it can't be as tedious as the last three months have been trying to make all the magnets.

This weekend also included the departure of all the invites. Well those for now. At the end of the day, I really thought much about invites and the stamps for the invites...and procrastinate way too much. It was based on my indecision and ended with very simple invites and whatever stamps the local post office had. So half the batch went with purple heart stamps, the other half with the Forever stamp. I have to say that either was fine with me and in the end it's a great relief to have them out of the house.

Now the RSVP waiting begins. Apparently it's not a good period for many brides-to-be. Oh and as far as D.I.Y. left. Well besides stuffing 125 boxes, I have programs, menu and table cards left. All that and only 50 days left.

Great times are coming.

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