Monday, October 1

Weekend of fun!

Well let me begin by saying that I don't have my camera with me this week, therefore my blogs will be very boring. As they already are, but a bit more.

Joe has left the country and so like any girl months away from being married I decided to spend the and finishing wedding planning...WHOO HOOO. That's right girls, try not to envy me too much.

First, Friday night was filled with nauseousness and Grey's Anatomy, the Office and the Bachelor shows catch up. Perhaps one has to do with the other. perhaps not... Happy to say that all were great fun to watch even my Bachelor, which brings TV to an all time low but is tons of fun to watch.

Saturday started off to a great start. I went out to a local park to walk for a great cause. JDRF, a juvenile diabetes walk. It was much fun till I couldn't find my co-workers and it started to heat up. After that I headed home where I spent most of the afternoon cleaning during commercial breaks of Top Chef marathon. What is wrong with me and reality TV. I also did go back and forth to some college football games, can't go a weekend in the fall without my fix of college ball. Sorry Gator fans, I had to enjoy that game. However through all that I am happy to say the first floor of the house is clean, second floor is a different story.

Sunday my slaves, I mean parents, came over to get some of the wedding stuff done. First up, invites...they are so late, so after a couple of minutes of swearing on my part we got much done. However, the factory stopped when I realized that nothing prints on black envelopes. Darn those inner envelopes. So production stopped till Thursday when my mother said she would have all the envelopes done. Cross our fingers.

My dad also patiently applied stamps to RSVP envelopes, made the table card holder, and cranked out 200 favor boxes. He's so productive, however his productivity is some what decreased by his quality of work. At one point he applied stamps to the RSVPs upside down. So our purple heart stamp had to be removed and reapplied. I can't imagine what people may have thought if below was wrong.

Now I'm trying to get all the invites ready to go for Thursday. Can't wait to have them out of the house.

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