Thursday, October 18

Your John Hancock please...

Believe it or not, my love and I even had to discuss whether or not to do a guest book. And if we did do a guest book ....what kind of guest book. Right...things get that insane.

From the instant we got engaged my mother has been slowly but steadily shopping for wedding "stuff". So one of her first questions was whether or not we were doing a guest book. The very typical guestbook was what she had in mind and and my love agreed with her that he was in.

Now I must say I have nothing against above guest book. They are sold every day and millions of brides love them. But for one, I have never seen a married couple have their guestbook out on their coffee table. So why? Who sits and reads the names of those who attended their wedding a year or two or three from now....

So after saying no to the idea I decided I wanted to do different versions of a guestbook to please both my mom and my love.

First I found and decided on a signed picture frame ...I had seen various ones at Hobby Lobby and Target. All where basic and I figured we could display a wedding picture later on and hang it for all to see. Knocking out two birds with one I began the search for the perfect frame....I found below at Pottery Barn and it was perfect...check to that!

However the more and more I thought about it I wanted to let people share some advice for us and to document the great personality of friends we have. So I stumbled on a wish bowl. Basically the concept would be to leave a bowl and paper for guests to write a message to share special thoughts for the couple. I figured this was a great way to capture our day and friends and then found below saying and was sold.

However I wanted to make sure that we could later see these thought and wishes and searched for a way to keep them. Perhaps in a cute box with our initials....or leave them in the bowl....or have them laminated in some sort....and then good ol' Martha came through and featured this in one of her magazines.

I loved the idea. Granted the tiny envelopes would be color coordinated to our wedding. But this way each person will have a business card to share thoughts or advice and it nicely fits into one of these tiny envelopes after the wedding.
Cards will be out for on a table to sign and guests can then deposit them in one of these vases which I will decorate.

I can't wait to see the results of both.

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