Friday, November 16

Rain on my wedding day!

Yup girls, its like Alanis once said. Isn't it ironic.

Rain on my wedding day.

So I was prepared for everything but the elements.

Cold & Rain.

Quickly but quietly I am freaking OUT. So with the help of google I am trying to find umbrellas, golf size please, for the big day.

Oh and last week I bit the bullet and started to look at jackets, shawls, dead fur animals for what I now have, a cold wedding day.

So I found out that not only does a long time favorite of mine the Totes Company offer golf size umbrellas, but they even have a wedding section. Weird.
Here are their options:

Tre chic right? And only $25 each. That's less than an umbrella at Target. So I might have to buy.

However how can you resist my all time favorite, although it doesn't match the color palette:

Decisions time AGAIN!

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