Saturday, November 10

Welcome to the Jungle!

One of the first things that I began working on for the wedding was our welcome bags. We knew we would have out of town guests since I'm originally from the great city of NY and Joey went away to college and many of his friends have settled in different cities.

I first saw Kate Parker's welcome bags well before I was engaged and loved them. At that time she only offered NY & LA bags but they were so cute I decided to one day I would try to emulate them.

So the search began.

I decided to look for traditional Nashville, Tennessee and Southern items that I could include in the bags. I learned early on about Moonpies and RC Cola and knew it was a must. However I wanted to include another snack so I looked further and found Goo Goo Clusters, which were first sold here in Nashville. Love it...Check to that.

The always present water bottle and Nashville travel guide will be included but so will Tylenol and Pepcid, in case the open bar was visited a time or two more than needed.

We also are including these postcards that we fell in love with last year. These artists display many of Nashville famous sites in such a classic manner. Check to that.

Things that I have passed up:

I was on the look out for some Jack Daniel Coffee but can't find any that are not in a huge bag. So sad, I love coffee and well I love JD.

Also these cute fly swatters. Are they not the most adorable thing. I may still get these if the budget allows but for now I'll have to pass.

Tennessee T-cakes are also on the chopping block. Again, maybe I can get them in depending on the number of bags.

Oh and by the way I checked out Katie's website and found she now offers a Nashville basket. Darn her.

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