Thursday, December 27

Blurb how I art thee..

Since coming back from the honeymoon I've been working on a Blurb book to commemorate our trip to Belgium.

My inspiration was this awesome book by a Weddingbee blogger.

It has been such a labor of love, the program on my computer freezes frequently and so its been such a slow process. I try to work on it a couple of times a week for about an hr before I want to scream, then I move on to other to do's

Besides that I have dealt with trying to get all our thank you notes out, they're on their way I promise. Trying to squeeze in some time to enjoy our new PS3, a very generous wedding gift from hubby's boss.

Also hoping to have a cleaner house to start the new year since cleaning on Jan. 1 is bad luck. See some New Years superstitions here.

Only four days till 2008. I still can't believe 2007 came and went.

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