Monday, December 24

Christmas Eve..

Well that time of year is upon us again.

This time I feel even less prepared and in the "Christmas mood". Not sure if it's because we have been so slammed with stuff at home or the 50+ degree weather we are facing here in Nashville.

Irregardless the day has come and I can't wait. Since having a nephew and a niece I feel better again about the Christmas holiday. It's great to see the little ones get excited. Oh yeah and threaten them for the last month to behave or no gifts from Santa. If only it worked for the hubby.

So while I won't reveal what I've bought the family I'll mention some "wish" list of my own. I tend to be pleased with anything I receive so if none of these are wrapped pretty underneath the tree I find myself indulging in the "After" Christmas sales.

The Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock

I find it nearly impossible to get up every morning without hitting the snooze button, wonder if this would work?

Luxe Link Purse Holder

Can it be? A solution to not putting my purse on the floor. And it's cute!

Tree Card Holder

As the years go by the amount of Christmas cards increases and I would love this so we can display them all.

Elise Bedding Duvet Cover

I've been talking about one forever, perhaps Santa overheard. This is one of my favorite.

Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror

On our honeymoon every hotel bathroom had one of these. Reminded me of my days traveling with Coke & staying at Crowne Plazas.

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