Wednesday, January 9

The Big Game and the Big **Heart** Day

Although we are super excited about the big game that is the Super Bowl, the hubby and I are very sad that football season is almost over. Football is like a haven for us.

We usually host a small super bowl party. This year will be no exception. Luckily today I received this great email sharing some of the NFL players favorite recipe.

Dick Anderson a former Dolphins player shared this recipe:

Colorado Omelet


Olive Oil
1 slice ham
1/2 large tomato
1/4 yellow onion
3 slices green jalapeño (or to taste)
3 large eggs
2 tablespoons Egg Nog
1 (10-inch) corn tortilla
Sour cream
Your favorite salsa


Preheat oven to 350°F.

Drizzle approximately 2 tablespoons olive oil into medium non-stick skillet and heat to medium.

Dice ham, tomato, and onion; add to skillet and sauté.

Carefully cut 3 jalapeño slices into small pieces and add to skillet mixture.

Beat eggs with egg nog; pour over entire skillet mixture and reduce heat.

Flip omelet when eggs are fully cooked. (Make sure the pan does not get too hot.)

While omelet is cooking, place tortilla in oven-safe dish with a small amount of water and heat in oven for two minutes (Do not overcook.)

Once the omelet has finished cooking, remove tortilla from oven.

Place omelet onto the tortilla, top with guacamole and roll contents together.

Spoon sour cream on top with a little extra guacamole; add salsa to taste.

Now on to a bigger day:

Our unofficial first date, we are at five years this year.

I found this guide to help you get your loved ones something for Valentine's Day.

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