Wednesday, January 23

English Country...French Country...Country Country

So for a very long time I have been searching for a new dresser for our spare bedroom. I love the look of English, French Country....whatever country and have looked at various places for the dresser that will fit the room... just haven't nailed one down quite yet.

Basically this is the look I'm going for, a cross between the three of these;

During the search for dressers I found some great ideas on that I just love, making me rethink every room in the house. But first I have to concentrate on the dresser...

The Ikea version:

Sundance option:

While shopping for above I also found these way cute shoes that are on sell at Sundance. I know I's shopping A.D.D.

The amount of storage in this one from Macy's can't be beat:

How will I ever decide....maybe buying the shoes will help. : )

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