Monday, January 21

The Game is Set

So now we have this years NFC & AFC Champs and the BIG game is set....The Patriots vs the Giants.

I am not a Patriots fan by any means so I will be cheering for the Giants.

Why vary from my Dolphins & Titans? Well because neither of them made it this far (Miami not even close) and

I'm a born New Yorker, a large portion of my family are Giant fans and finally Eli Manning is brother to one of my favorite Tennessee players, the great Peyton Manning. Love him so much I want to name my child Peyton.

So now the planning of the Super Bowl party can begin in full swing. Since both teams have red, white and blue as their team colors that should make it easier. Now it's time to get the Stewart in my brain to start thinking.

This year the hubby wants to do traditional food from each team's home area.

He was hoping Green Bay would advance just for their beer soup recipes, so sad. For NE we have New England Clam Chowder is on the menu now we are on the hunt for a good NY recipe.

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