Wednesday, January 2

Happy Happy 2008!!!

I hope everyone had a good one. We did the bar for New Years Eve and it went as well as it could be. New Years Day was filled with lots of time on the couch watching football and eating left overs.

Resolutions for the New Year

  • Eat better-not necessarily diet but skip the afternoon soda and chips when I get home.
  • Workout more
  • Keep in touch with my friends-the wedding made it overwhelming to keep up
  • Budget, budget, budget
  • Wake up earlier
  • Guest room is in need of major organization and maintenance. It is the first room to get everything dumped in.
  • Keeping the condo clean. Doing the windows, dusting the base boards, etc. The million things that always gets pasted.

So to break my first resolution, budgeting....Pottery Barn Spring Catalog arrived today & I'm in love.

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magnoliabelle said...

Good luck on your resolutions! Thanks for stopping by to visit and congrats on the recent i-do's!