Wednesday, January 16

How do you know you've MADE IT?

My Tuesdays usually comprise of breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner & The Real Housewives of Orange County.

I think just watching them shop, eat and drink makes me feel better. This week’s episode was pretty good. A quick recap, Tamra one of the newest a member of the shows turns 40.

Her fab hubby throws her a birthday party on his new yacht. A wonderful gift in its self, he then goes on top of that and gives Tamra a Rolex for her birthday. A diamond studded Rolex. Talk on the show is that the watch has a price tag of about $40k. Can you imagine?

What struck me was that first Tamra already had a Rolex and her gift was an upgraded Rolex. Lauri & Jeana, two other of the housewives also had Rolex watches and Vicki, my favorite housewife is envious that she doesn't have one. Jeana does go on to say that she believes having a Rolex is a sign that "you've made it" in this world.

So I wonder what would make me feel like I've made it. Lately it's been a new house, most specifically this house.

This house was built near a new development outside of Nashville and the moment I walked in the house I wanted it. Found the house, now I have to work on winning the lottery

But on a smaller scale I think the day I can buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and it not be a gift or charged on a card, I've MADE IT BABY!!!

These boots are my favorite right now, ready for the cold weather, a mere $1,350.

What would make you feel like you "made it"?

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kristy said...

What a beautiful house! We're house hunting and I am always looking for new ideas! And I too love the Real Housewives of Orange Co., what a fun show!