Thursday, February 28

Black is the new Black?!?

I'm a New Yorker by birth and years later I still find it so very hard to part with wearing black.

I got a haircut today, chopped off about 6 inches of hair..more about that another day., and on my way out I went to schedule my next appointment only to realize that May is 9 weeks away. Can you believe it? So excited.

Which leads me to my black clothing obsession....this May I have two wonderful events to attend.
First the college graduation of my little sister. WOO HOO. And second the wedding of a grad school friend I can't wait to see get married.

So, the search for a dress begins...and as dresses are my favorite.

At $46.90 how can you beat this dress, however my hips may not think that's a great idea.

This Maggy London dress looks good, but I wonder if it's too closed for spring and what the fabric would look like in person.

This Calvin Klein dress looks perfect, however a bit too formal for a graduation.

I think this CK one may be the winner for the wedding but a bit too formal again for the graduation...

however, if I buy this one as well it would solve that problem.

and I may or may not have gotten this

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