Monday, February 18

Gifts reveal

Now that preparations for the next holiday begin I can reveal what I got the hubby for V-day.

First, back to my previous post about how my hubby does the majority of the cooking. It often amazes me that he really enjoys cooking. We grew up in similar homes where both our moms were stay-at-home moms so growing up the last thing I wanted to do was.... well....stay-at-home. Not that I think it's a bad thing, the complete opposite. My mom raised five children and had dinner on the table EVERY night. I'm still amazed and think it's such an overwhelming job, with little reward.

Anyway, I avoid the kitchen, while the hubby is attracted to it. Well taking a note from the card I purchased I decided to update some of his tools for trade.

First, I got him two Tyler Florence cookbooks. Tyler is one of our favorite Food TV stars and happens to be so very nice to look at. Both books have great recipes for entertaining and also feature some great pics of Tyler. : )

Next I got him a great Teflon apron in khaki with his initials embroidered from a local embroidery store, Tabe Gifts. I had the font done in saloon, to make it seem a bit more masculine.

And finally I am going to purchase this mat from Chefs. I finally found it and it's in stock. This is a great tool since it helps keep a cleaner surface for our countertops when he is rolling dough and it has great lines to indicate essential pie measurements.

I just have to show these other great finds that I am trying not to buy from Chefs. Love that store.

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