Tuesday, February 26


If you caught the Oscars this past Sunday, you might remember seeing Marketa Irglova's speech. In true award show fashion when it was her turn to make her acceptance speech music began and cut her off before she even said anything.

The Oscars did well to bring her back out and give her an opportunity to talk. She gave a simple speech about hope that was so genuine and my hubby remarked how unhollywood yet talented she seemed.

My hubby also mentioned at that point that we actually had the movie Once, for which she was given an (best original song) Oscar for. A friend had recommended it to him and he ordered it from Blockbuster. Last night we watched it and it was just like Marketa's speech....simple, unhollywood like and genuine.

It is definitely a chick flick but in a good way. It was worth the watch and their Oscar winning song, Falling slowly, has yet to get out of my head. All I can say it that it's such a lovely film and if you are looking for a film to watch it's worth it, just be weary that you too might have the song stuck in your head.

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