Saturday, February 9

A weekend without Football

Well, the rest of the year begins today. No more football till August. Unless you count the ProBowl this weekend however we don't. So how do we deal.

Early spring cleaning & shopping. ; )

One of my favorite sites these days is etsy. They have some of the most creative and cutest things ever. Spring in Can looks like it's a winner and is perfect for St. Patrick's Day decor. Yup I even decorate for that holiday.

It'll look perfect on top of our new storage unit for our kitchen which we just got.

I'm so excite to have more space in the kitchen.

Now I'll have to dive into the laundry and dusting that awaits me!

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kristy said...

i know, i too am sad that there's no more football until the fall. i cannot wait to start tailgating again!