Tuesday, February 12

Sweet Sweet Valentine

The often over commercialized but still one of my favorite holidays Valentine's Day is almost here. Yes, Hallmark seems to have commercialized it beyond belief but being hispanic Valentine's day for us is more than just for couples. It's a day for friendship and love. So I am yet jaded even through all the countless Jared commericals.

As I mentioned before one of my favorite websites is Etsy. I found all these great finds on the website this week. I love the above cards. The vintage dolls are adorable and Stacy Winters who makes these cards has several adorable cards. I can't wait till Easter to see what she comes out with.

These are super cute and perfect to wear for the big V day. Just enough pink in these earrings.

This hat is perfect as it seems winter is not leaving quietly.

And this seems perfect especially as I get over my head cold, unfortunately its only a postcard. However I love it and would love to frame it and have it around during V day.

When I lived in Knoxville, I found the greatest store for wonderful unique things. I found this letterpressed card which I bought and planned to give to my hubby on our wedding day to go along with his cufflinks. However, the days before were so hectic I actually forgot. So I'm using the card for V-day, the five year mark of our first date. It's perfect because as it reads, my hubby does the majority of the cooking and well I love him for it.

I'll share later what else I got him in case of wondering eyes.

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