Thursday, March 13

Dream a little Dream

Estimated Jackpot: 275 million

One dollar could make the difference.

What would I do if I won the Lottery:

Upgrade our house, aka, new house, preferably this one.
Upgrade my mom's, grandparents, & sister1's home.

Buy my Bro2 a house, a new apartment for my Sis2 & Bro1.

And then upgrade all cars that are older than 5 years, why, warranty's are usually out by then. Probably buy a truck for my dad, he's always wanted a big truck but with 5 kids it was never feasible.

Donate to my favorite causes March of Dimes, & The Fisher House foundation.

Get my hubby season tickets to the Nashville Preds.

Take a family vacation to the beach.

And then go back to work.

What would you do?

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