Saturday, March 15

Five for Fridays.

This weeks questions:

1)What were the events that led to your being in the most trouble with your parents ever?

Probably when I was 11yrs old I decided I was so mad at my mom for setting an early summer curfew of 6pm that I called her by her first name. I thought she was going to blow up. Never called her by her first name ever again.

What happened when you received your worst childhood physical injury?

I was very fortunate to not have had bad injuries as a child. I did try crossing a very small waterfall, slipped on some rocks and literally had a hundreds of tiny cuts on a my hands and knees. Wasn't too painful in the beginning but when I took a shower that night I felt each and EVERY one of them.

What was the worst trouble you ever got into in school?

I had detention once in H.S. for being late to class. I got caught up chatting with friends and didn't make it in time. I went to Catholic School so it was no tolerance at that time.

What kind of trouble have you been in at work?

Kinda funny, but I was told I needed to watch what time I got to work. I had been running 5 minutes late for a couple of days. I was livid at that time because I was voluntarily working 60 hours plus at the time, to compensate for an employee that left the company.

How do you usually deal with the knowledge that you’re about to be in big trouble?

My stomach usually starts to hurt and I drink a lot of tea to calm my nerves. I avoid trouble big time.

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