Friday, March 7

Five Fridays

Found this great blog that asks five questions every Friday. So if I can remember I'll try to answer them here every Friday.

1)What is your keyring like? Jammed packed ever since they started those frequent member cards, it's never been the same. My favorite item, a lady bug keychain my sister gave me.

2)What is your purse/bag/briefcase like? Well...I have a fascination with all things handbag and this changes frequently. Currently it's a small trusty black handbag from Gap.

3)What is your wallet like? A smaller fascination, I have a leather Kenneth Cole khaki one. Love it.

4)What is your mousepad like? A Nashville Preds mousepad, free upon admission to one of their games.

5)What are the curtains in your bedroom like? Bamboo blinds. Hoping to change it soon to allow for some more sunshine.

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