Saturday, March 1

Guest Bedroom is on it's way

I got a call and my dresser is in. After a long time searching I finally decided on a chest from Ashley Furniture. So far I'm pretty happy since it matches the larger piece I have from Pier One that is already in the room. Plus I figure I will buy another piece when we move to a larger home.

I thought about getting this new piece at Pier One, but I couldn't bring myself to pay the extra $200 bucks for it. Plus the feet on it just doesn't go well. Right?

Anyway, I'm so ready to organize and found some great finds at PB Teen that I think will go well with the room. I think one of these would go great in the corner of the room. I'm liking the white chair with blue fabric.

Love this lamp, darn you Pottery Barn.

My greatest find are $2.99 a set how can you NOT get them. Hubby is going to kill me when he sees all this girly stuff.

They also have some great bedding.

Finally I downloaded this cute wallpaper for free. It's so spring.

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