Tuesday, March 11

Home sweet....new home!

Last night we had a realtor come over to the Condo to look at it.

Guess I should start with the fact we decided to put the Condo up for sale and find a new home.

We love our Condo, but we really need more space. In the madness that was the wedding planning period of our lives we really didn't think too much about the space of the Condo. Post wedding, we really need more space.

So now that our realtor, a previous co-worker of the hubby, has come out to look at the place it almost seems official.

We decided to try to get the Condo on the market by April 12th. Tons to do, so little time, I think this will be another period of madness. First stop...renting a storage unit & looking at some new homes.

Any recommendations of how to survive this period of our lives?

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