Wednesday, April 2

Design Inspiration

Well the days are quickly passing till we close on our new house.

Monday night we had the opportunity to walk through it again and it gave me the chance to figure out the look of our new home.

Inspired by boards on Emilystyle, Snippet & Ink, & Newlywedism. I thought it wise to create boards for every room so that I could have a good idea when moving what goes where and what to keep an eye on when shopping. My favorite past time. : )

I present the boards for the dining & living room with really bad pictures of the rooms themselves. We are going back on Friday and I'll have to remember to bring my camera.

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amberamcdonald said...

Did you hear that Sherwin-Williams is coming out with "nashville inspired" paint colors? I'm so excited...they debut next week. :) There was an article in the Tennessean about it yesterday.