Friday, April 25

Good, Bad, Ugly Friday

I didn't forget this week!

What’s something you love and is quite bad for you? My food cravings. I crave my favorite foods and dining at new places, not very good for the waistline.

What’s something you hate and is quite good for you? Water used to be the worst for me but I've grown to love it. Vitamins on the other hand I still can't make the transition to make them a part of my everyday life.

What’s something that’s about equally good and bad for you? Coffee. I hear reports of good things, then bad things...I think they all the positives negate off all the bad.

What’s something you’ve been told is bad for you but you suspect is not as bad as people say? Reading books in dim lit places. Why not? Done it for years and still at 20/20

What’s something most people consider ugly but you consider beautiful? farms...I love barn houses, rolling acres of corn...the most ordinary things about a farm. One day I'm going to move to a little house on a big farm.

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ChocolatDivaDesign said...

I like the red. In our old townhouse we went with a similar color as an accent wall in our family room. People loved it! you'll get used to it soon enough.

I have not been so bold in our newer home. The farthest I've gotten is taking the previous brownish-redish front door to a nice richer red.