Monday, April 21

It's Friday on a Monday!

I'm finally back home and I can't wait to catch up on all that has gone on.

I guess these weeks have flown by because I failed to post Five for Fridays for the past two weeks. Whoops!

April 11th questions

Among your acquaintances, who’s the best screamer? I would say my sister, she's a bit loud to begin with, so screaming is her forte.

When was the last time you had to shout in order to be heard? The bowling alley this past weekend. Who knew those places where worse then bars.

When was the last time you cheered for anything? The NY Giants in the Superbowl. I was all out cheering that day.

Whom did you last yell at? Probably my mother, she tends to find the worst service location for her cell reception and then attempts to call me for a conversation.

When did you last lose your voice, or at least find yourself hoarse? About two years ago on July 4th after a Gipsy Kings concert. Go figure.

April 18th

What’s a buzzword or catchphrase that gets overused at your workplace or in your classes?
In the conference I just attended the catch phrase was sustainability. How it relates to your company, how to incorporate it into your business, how to maintain went on.

What item in your house has seen too much use lately? The remote to our new TV. I think I've had to "program" the TV about 30 times too many.

What’s a word or phrase your friends would ask you to use a lot less, if you were to ask their opinion? "LIKE"....It's especially bad after watching the Hills. Darn you MTV.

What’s something in your life that’s pretty much been used up and needs replacing? My hair brushes. I can't recall when and where I purchased them, so I'm thinking they need to be replaced.

In what way have you been overused lately? Not sure how to answer that.

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