Wednesday, April 30

Jazz on the Lawn

Every summer I look forward to to quite a few things but nothing more than Jazz on the Lawn. Jazz on the Lawn is a summer concert series that takes place at Beachaven winery. My parents live in a great town, Clarksville, about an hour north of Nashville. Every summer Beachaven, the local winery, hosts concerts on various Saturday nights on it's lawn.

When it first started years ago it was the best kept secret of Clarksville. With the years it has grown into a summer "must do" for all Clarksville residents. It's such a great way to spend a Saturday night. First of all it's free and there is no obligation to buy their wine, however it is really a great chance to try the wide variety of wines they offer. Some are even award winning.

Families and friends set up picnic sites and talk and listen to the great music. This summer I've already marked down a couple of Saturday I want to venture to Clarksville and meet my family for some fun.

Also it's a great time to show off picnic garb. Here are a couple of things I have my eye on for this summer's shows.

I've been eyeing this table in a bag since last years concert.

This year it's out with a matching table cloth.

These are so super helpful in case you want to get up and dance to the great music.

Last year I stocked up on some acrylic drinkware at the end of the season at Wal-mart.

This year I might try to buy some dinnerware and some way to lug it all around.

These cute finds look functional and stylish.

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