Monday, April 28

A pledge for 2009

This past weekend Nashville hosted the 9th Annual Country Music Marathon with 30,000 runners.

A couple of years ago a friend of the hubby and I ran the marathon and I was so inspired by her great feat. Years come and go and I always say I want to run the marathon, even if just once. Last year with the wedding, things were hectic enough and unlike tons of newbie runners I would like to do a slow start running program.

Well they are taking registration for 2009's race and I am getting the itch to do it this time.

It would be my first running experience by far...well, besides playing soccer as a youth..however that was YEARS ago...yet I'm up for the challenge.

To help me get motivate I'm going to start walking Nashville's Greenways. Nashville has completed portions of its Greenway construction recently, a project to incorporate trails within metro Nashville. Luckily for us the section the hubby and I usually walk are now extended.

Also, it looks as though an earlier race named P.F.Chang's Rock N' Roll Arizona Marathon happens in January of next year. Hmmm...P.F. Chang and Arizona...who can say no to that.

Looks like the race takes you around Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe...I've always wanted to go to Arizona...

Let's just hope I keep the determination to do it.

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