Saturday, April 12

Shout it from the Mountain

We have a new home and so now we want to announce it. Naturally, right?!?!?

Here are some great options from tinyprints. I used them for our Christmas cards and loved the final result.

I think this announcement is perfect for a newly built home. Although our home is new to us, it's not a new home.
I love the spring color of this one. This one is a finalist.

I like the clean look of this one and it's not girly, as my hubby would say.

This is the other finalist. I love the simplicity.

Oh decisions.


amberamcdonald said...

My vote is for the tree one! :) Or you could go to and order one of those adorable address stamps (I just ordered one for our current house not too long ago and am sad that I will need a new one for the new house!) ;) They have notecards you can stamp the new address circle in...check it out. :)

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

Those are so cute! I've been looking at announcements too. I thought about DIY'ing some, but the ones you found might have convinced me to just buy some.