Friday, April 25

What a week!

Well, after an exhausting last week and weekend, this week didn't disappoint with tons to do.

We decided to paint our living room in the condo a more neutral color, so this week that's all we did. When you go from a bold red to a creamy beige it takes a lot more than you think.

I still can't find my transfer cord so I don't have any pics of "after" but here is our "before" living room.

It's been really hard to get used to the new color. I'm amazed to see how much of what we have in the room "went" with our wall color. Everything seems so awkward now. However our goal is to sell the condo and after some feedback about the room being to dark we really didn't have a choice.

Painting consumed our evenings but yesterday we took a break to watch LOST. Can you blame me.

Every new episode only leaves me wanting more. I won't give details for those of you who have yet to watch this week's episode but it was good. As usual.

This weekend we don't have much planned which means we'll end up with tons to do.

I'm thinking a trip to the Farmer's Market after church will be the highlight.

A quick side note.

I mentioned my visit to Ft. Worth and wanted to share two great restaurants I visited in case anyone has a trip planned out there.

I went to Ferre for dinner and Mi Cocina for lunch.

I went to the Ferre in Sundance Square and it was amazing, I had the veal saltimbocca, a new item on their menu and it was so very good. The restaurant is beautiful and the service was so great.

Mi Cocina was such a great experience. I've never been to an upscale Mexican restaurant quite like it. They have several locations but again I visited the Sundance Square restaurant. I had the El Ray's for lunch and it was a lot of food. However the cheese quesadilla was so very good. Their food did have some spiciness to it, which I am not fond of spicy. But overall it was such a great meal.

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