Wednesday, May 21

I heart Three Sheets!

Over a year ago the hubby and I stumbled upon a channel called MOJO on Comcast and even more exciting a show titled Three Sheets. Since then it's been love at first sight, with show and it's host Zane Lamprey.
One of my favorite shows was their visit to Belgium. It was one of the biggest reasons we decided to go there for our honeymoon. We visited many of the same spots the show visited and really couldn't have had a better time.
Another of my favs is when he visits Germany during the Oktoberfest. Ahhh, love the show.
Anywho he just started a new season and you have to check him out.
This season he is visiting Chile, the location of my MBA spring break.. I can't wait to see where he visited. I absolutely love Chile and like I've I'm hoping for a good show.
Drink up!

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