Monday, May 5

Kindle anyone?

One of my favorite things to do when I get home and get settled is to park my self in front of the tv to watch Martha Stewart on my DVR. I know.
The hubby hates it but something about Martha makes the world right. Perhaps her striving for perfection or how dang creative she is.
On today's Martha show she featured the Kindle, a wireless reading device sold on
My heart skipped a beat. I love reading books, never have the time these days but I really do.
The Kindle is an amazing little electronic device that downloads books anywhere and everywhere, well in the US...and lets you read it instantly...without any need for a computer.
One of my biggest reasons for taking forever to pack for a trip is deciding which books to take. I usually narrow it down to two or three books because I can't take them all due to the weight limits on luggage. Not anymore...this Kindle solves the problem.
I'm going to have to add this to my Santa's list.'s almost 6 months away ..

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