Friday, May 9

Spring Wedding!!

This weekend I'm headed back to Knoxville for a wedding of my dear friend Stephanie.

I met Stephanie in Grad school and I feel as we are two shopping soul mates that have finally found each other.

Steph is such an amazing chick and I love spending time with her. I don't think there is a moment of silence when we hang out. We share some of the greatest loves...the love for our hubbies (soon to be hubby in her case), our families, shoes, everything Tiffany, and not to be forgotten...logistics (our major that brought us together).

I can't wait to share her big day with her family and friends. We met our significant others the same month..all five years ago, were engaged the same summer ('06)...and planned our weddings together. So this really is such a special time.

I've always wanted to have a Spring wedding...although my allergies are at their best this week..but decided on a Fall first favorite. Stephanie chose the spring and I can't wait to see all she's done...She's also an amazing DIY bride.

Here are a few spring wedding idea boards from snippet & ink blog. Love the blog even after being married.

Congrats Steph!!! I can't wait to see you at the Church...

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