Tuesday, May 20

We're moved in!

Good news: We had beautiful weather this past weekend. So beautiful that moving felt like we wasted the day which could have been better spend outdoors.

Bad news: There is now a human to box ration of 1:15 in the house. You can't go far w/o hitting a box. My mom says it's not bad, but since we've been showing the condo for the last month we've lived extremely clean. Now all the boxes are making my borderline OCD personality come out.

I figure with the long weekend it will give me some time to settle everything. Hopefully.
Also I've noticed that I have WAY WAY too many shoes. Yikes.
I have about 8 pairs that I've never even wore. I think I'm going to have to sell them on Ebay. I'll then take those funds and put it towards my "Ikea(Atlanta) or bust" trip. I'll have to fill you in on that trip later.

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