Tuesday, May 6


So another part of my daily routine is showering first thing in the morning. Well...not so..FIRST thing. I tend to turn on the shower and walk away as the water gets hot.

Sometimes I iron, sometimes I watch my fav Matt Lauer, sometimes I turn on the coffee pot...sometimes contemplate life.

Apparently for every minute the shower runs an average of 2.5 gallons of water goes down the drain. Oh dear.

I stumbled upon this great invention for careless people like me on the Domino blog.

Shower heads by Evolve stop the flow of water once the water has reached an ideal temperature.....therefore eliminating gallons of water from flowing down the drain while I try to figure out where in the world Matt Lauer is going next.

I especially like this model below. At 49.95 it's pretty comparable to other showerhead on the market however this one makes the earth a little better.

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