Saturday, June 7

Delayed Fridays

I've meant to blog on Five for Fridays but always end up getting busy and never seem to get the time on Friday nights. Mostly laziness.

So here are a couple from the ones I've missed.

What makes you feel old?

Well learning that today's French Open Tennis champion Ana Ivanovic was born in 1987. I clearly remember that year. Ouch.

What makes you feel young?

This will sound mean but not having children. That makes me feel young. Not that those of my age don't have children because trust me they do. But it seems like a life change that definitely puts you closer to getting "older"

What was better when you were allowed to do it the old way?

Math. I was discussing with some friends the way they teach math now to kids in school. Completely different from when I was in school.

What’s better now that you do it the new way?

Communicating. So many ways to keep in touch with people. Almost scary.

What’s something you are old school about?

Catholicism. Although I think change is so necessary in so many facets of life. For me the practice of Catholicism is best in it's old school ways.

What piece of information do you keep forgetting?

Well five for Fridays for one but in every day life my hubby's SS# has yet to be learned. Seriously considering getting it tattooed to my body.

What regular event in your life do you keep forgetting?

My godfather's birthday. I can never get it straight. Either March 1st or March 3rd. EVERY YEAR I battle the question.

How are you with remembering the names of people you meet?

Pretty awful. I tend to remember the first letter of the name but then it's a guessing game. Kathy, Kandance, Kristen, Karen...who knows.

What kinds of tricks do you have for remembering to do stuff that falls outside your regular routine?

Post it's....Thank you 3M for creating those. I make lists all the time. If I don't write it down, it's a goner.

If you keep a daily planner, what is it like?

If you don’t, why not? My planner has stuff written everywhere. It's a plain compact Franklin Covey one I got at Target a couple of years ago and it's UT orange. Planning with some flare. Target has this new one I've had my eye...maybe some day.


amy purple said...

That's a sharp looking planner!

Steph Mahoney said...

Oh how I, too, love post its! IMO, they are one of the best inventions ever.