Wednesday, June 25

Hump Day

Wow I can't believe it's already Wednesday however I'm sooo looking forward to Friday..

This week has gone by too quick. Monday was a blur...Yesterday we ventured back out to watch a Sounds game. I think we're becoming regulars now. Such great fun is had with our friends. It's kinda like sitting out on the deck chatting and having beers but with a bit more entertainment involved.

Today is a day for catch up and to-do lists. The house is a mess and still not vacant of boxes. It's seriously putting a cramp in my mental stability.

So here a couple of items to do:

1) Set up trash removal. Yup, a mundane task but an important one indeed. Since we still have the condo we've been taking trash over there.

Hey, we pay $150 in association fees and we aren't using the pool, clubhouse, or enjoying any of the greenery, so we feel it necessary to at least use the trash service.

HOWEVER, we've been too lazy to make the twice a week stops and with the temperature rising, heat and trash in the garage doesn't bode well together.

So I'm calling in the big dawgs and setting up service.

Figure out when Titan tixs go on sale, coordinate with our "Titan game" friends and choose a date to attend.

We try to attend at least one game with our friends, then we try to sneak in with some company tickets to others.

3) Ditto for Tennessee game. I'm in dire need of some Tennessee football in Knoxville. TV never does it justice.

4) Set up appt for my car windshield to be looked at. A couple of weeks ago I stepped into my car and found a crack in the windshield on the upper left hand corner.

I immediately blamed interstate driving, I was blessed to have avoided it while living at the Condo but that doesn't work anymore. However upon further review, car washing, the crack is on the inside of the windshield. Nothing on the outside. Strange I would say.

So I have to schedule the car for an appt in Clarksville. I've bought and serviced my car at the same dealership I worked for 10 years ago. My second car from that dealership and my millionth visit to the service department(all regularly scheduled maintenance).

Takes some dedication to drive 50 miles but so worth it.

5) Clean my house. Yikes, apparently when the hubby said we should hire a maid, he didn't actually hire one and was only suggesting we should clean more. Whoops! The house needs some TLC.


I got the go ahead at work to attend a conference in San Fran next month. I am BEYOND excited. I've never been there and it has been on my list of places to visit for the longest time. I've taken a couple days off and the hubby is flying in to meet me for 5 days in SF and the Wine Country.

I can't wait, however we have yet to set an itinerary, book hotels, cars, and Opentable reservations.

I'm a born planner and love OpenTable. If you've never heard you must go on there to check out restaurants in areas that you visit. You earn points by making reservations through them.

Alright, I'm off to make calls and enter the world of scheduling.


utlmnop said...

Alioto's is where we ate at Fisherman's Wharf. Soooo good. Let us know when you want to come up for a Vols game. We have a free (and clean) bedroom.


Steph Mahoney said...

Sean and I are going to the UT vs. Florida game in Knoxville this year! Here is hoping for a win for our Vols!

Also, we are going to Cali for our one year anniverary in November! You will have to give me some tips once you get back. Can you believe that we have already been married for seven months!?!