Friday, June 20

It's Friday

Alright....I've been looking forward to this day since well...Sunday.

This weekend I'm hoping to see my friend Stephanie and introduce her to our Nashville Sounds via a Saturday game. If weather doesn't permit I'm sure she's up for some reintroducing to the Green Hills Mall, home of Tiffany's here in Nashville.

BTW has everyone seen their new sunglasses. Knock me over they are fab, however not so fab to the pocket book. The hubby and I made a pact that if I was down to my high school-ish weight by end of summer I could get a pair.

Hmmm, today's the first official day of summer and things are not looking to promising. But I have to focus. I'll consider it part of our promise to stimulate the economy.

Five for Friday...

What’s too spicy for your tastes? Spicy Mexican food. Spicy any food. If there is a small chili pepper, star or sign next to an item on a menu that indicates spicy I'm not touching it. You'd think since I'm Hispanic I'd be all over it. But really I'm not.

What’s too sweet for your tastes? Lots of stuff. I love chocolate but can only eat it sparingly. Too much and it's way too sweet. Sodas are another too sweet item for me...Mountain Dew is wayyyy over the top.

What’s too salty for your tastes? Nothing can be to salty for me. I'm a salt loving girl. It's a bad habit I inherited from my grandpa. He loves salt, starts pouring salt without even tasting the food. I blame him.

What’s too bitter for your tastes? Some beers. Bitter beer. My hubby is a beer connoisseuer so I tend to take a sip of all his new finds.

What’s too sour for your tastes? I love sour as well. I can eat slices of lime and lemons with just some salt. LOVE IT.


utlmnop said...

You crack me up. Apperently we're opposite. You love salty and sour, and I'm a hot and sweet girl (wow.. that sounds dirty). Rob and I are planning a trip to GH Saturday am, while you're getting 'pretty'. I'm debating taking the cake set in to be engraved...hummm....???

Jenny said...

Those sunglasses ARE awesome! I LOVE Tiffany & Co!