Wednesday, June 4

Project Dos!

To do: Change of address.

Sounds simple enough.

Well not for us. I visited the United States Postal Service website to change our address. Filled out the form and sent it in so that our mail could be forwarded before the big move.

Well....a couple of days later our box had a vacancy card in it. Good to go...Or so I thought.

Flash forward 8-10 business days and still no forwarded mail at the new house. So I call...yeah, my local USPS clerk tells me a request was never received. Que? What? But I have a vacant sign in my box. Hmmmmm

Apparently our "Postmaster" did mark us vacant in our box but never followed through to put us in the system. Alright...I guess....but wait where's our mail from the last two weeks?(thanks Memorial Day USPS holiday)

"Please hold as I check our facility"..."Nope no mail here, I guess it must have been returned to sender". WHAT? What do you mean returned to sender? Yup just what she meant. It was all returned to sender. ALL OF IT. Yup, every card, bill, Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. ALL. To be peeved it to say it nicely.

So I began the Change of Address process AGAIN and currently we're on day two and still no forwarded mail.

On the bright side, (yes, I found a bright side) it did motivate me to get our moving announcements quicker than I planned.

If you remember I was fond of those from Tiny Print specifically meant for "moving announcements" however I searched a bit more and decided on these:

Yup none from my previous post but I did use the same company. These are from Wedding Paper Divas.

I really liked the size of these. Didn't really want to do a huge card and I love the color. It's actually a reception card that I changed around. I think I'm going to pair it with bright yellow/orange envelope.

So hopefully in 5-7 business days they'll arrive. Don't worry I used my work address as shipping address.


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