Tuesday, June 3

Project Uno

Here is the idea board for my dining room.

I loved above and below china cabinet dearly, however I really couldn't swing the price of it for now. We're still dual homeowners for the time being, so I decided to look at some alternatives.

During the search I started to realize that although below is my favorite, it essentially didn't have enough storage space. A couple of years ago my mom and I stocked up on some holiday dishes on clearance and well they wouldn't fit in this..to say the least.

So I began looking for alternatives with greater storage and found below pic on Pottery Barn.

Again space is an issue and the glass doors would have driven my OCD to overdrive but I liked the whole look of it, well without the bird picture in the middle.

I search tons of sites and stores...and then stumbled upon Craiglist. I found some good alternatives to the PB buffet but still over my price range...then one faithful day I found this one below for $40.

That's right, $40 bucks...Granted I did have to drive over 20 miles for it and at today's gas prices....mercy.

But it's solid wood and I could see the potential. Very rare for me to see potential.

Well, over the span of a week my dad helped me sand, paint and varnish and here is what the end products looks like....sans drawer pulls.

I'm quite happy with it, to say the least. It has a shelf inside so there is tons of storage and although it seemed overly ornate in its original form it now matches with my dining set.

Now I just have to find pulls to go with it. Here are my top choices....I would love any suggestions.


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